Dissemination event in Čačak

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By Mart Laanpere 2812 days ago

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On Friday, 13 June 2014 at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Cacak colleagues Ivana Boskovic and Bojan Tonić from Comtrade gave a presentation "CAREER IN IT INDUSTRY" for students.

For this special occasion in the framework of Tempus INCOMING project, over 40 students had the opportunity to find out more detailed information on the organization and project management, organization of work, roles in the team, software testing, multi-site teams,  and how it looks like to work for a world famous clients.  During two hours presentation, we discussed what students can expect after completion of the formal education, who are their potential customers, what challenges can be expected, etc. Apart from students, professor Danijela Milosevic, the chairman of Department for Information technology prof. Micic Zivadin, and several representatives from the Science and Technology Park Cacak were present.

The greatest interest was about the programs that Comtrade can offer to students before graduation, and to extend the practical knowledge and prepare them for work in a real environment. On this occasion, the students were given a bit more information about summer school EdIT14, find out what's behind this year's theme "INDOOR NAVIGATION USING IBEACON".

The final conclusion is that the presentation was very succesful according to the interest and questions arised by the audience and professors. It ended with an interview with a couple of student candidates who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge.