Agenda for Tallinn meeting 17-22 Aug

17 August 2015:
Arrival, informal meeting with Tallinn University staff at the lobby of hotel Radisson Blu Central (Narva Road 7)

18 August 2015:
9.30.Introduction and a tour of the Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University (Room M-649, Mare building, Uus-Sadama 5)
10.00 Update on the Tempus Incoming project and communications with EACEA (Mart Laanpere)
11:00 Coffee break
11.30 Workshop on multi-course project work (V:Tomberg)
12.00 Bus trasfer to The Science & Technology park Ülemiste
12.15 Lunch at Victoria cafe
13.00 Visit to a private college Mainor (, introduction of their new BA programme on design of computer game
15.00 Visit to software company Helmes (
16.00 Transfer to the hotel

19 August 2015:
9.30 Workshop on integrating HCI master studies with applied research (LEARNMIX, I.Shmorgun, junior researcher at TLU ID lab),
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Workshop on e-governance practice and education in Estonia (I.Pappel, head of MA study program on eGovernance, Tallinn University of Technology).
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Workshop on cybersecurity in the context of state information systems (Anto Veldre, cheif security specialist in the State Information Systems Agency)
15.30 Transfer to IT Company NetGroup, introduction of state information systems developed by Net Group (court information systems in Estonia and Kurdistan, digital learning resource platform etc).
17.00 Transfer to the hotel.
19.00 Joint dinner offered by Institute of Informatics

20 August 2015: Project coordination meeting (full day)
9.30 State of the project
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Budget and reporting issues
13.00 Lunch
14.00 plans for extension year
15.30 Coffee break
16.00 Quality assurance
17.30 End of meeting day

21 August 2015:
9.30 Project coordination meeting continues: dissemination planning
11.00 Coffee break
11.30 Workshop: ‘Practical placement of computing students in Greece’ (prof. V. Moustakis)
13.00 Lunch
14.00 Workshop ‘Teaching programming for non-technical students in Scotland’ (Dr.B. Scharlau)
15.30 Break
16.00 Small-group work on future project activities
17.00 End of meeting

22 August 2015:
Sightseeing (unguided)