Belgrade Metropolitan University at First International Gaming Festival

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By Katarina Cvetkovic 2213 days ago

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Students of the study programme Computer Games participated at the First International Gaming Festival


The first International festival of games (International Gaming Festival-IGF) was held in Novi Sad in the period from the 8th to 10th of July 2016. The festival gathered gamers from the entire world. Belgrade Metropolitan University participated as the only University in Serbia which provides academic education in computer games development.

The study programme Computer Games is a multidisciplinary programme developed with the analysis of such study programmes in the world, and it is the result of the participation of Belgrade Metropolitan University in the Tempus project INCOMING financed by the EU.

Professors and students of the Faculty of the Information Technologies were available to all visitors interested for information about the study programmes of Belgrade Metropolitan University, as well as to demonstrate the game created and developed by the students of the study programme Computer Games at the Belgrade Metropolitan University.


The atmosphere from the event can be seen on the pictures below. 

IGF01.jpg IGF02.jpgIGF03.jpgIGF04.jpgIGF11.jpgIGF12.jpgIGF13.jpgIGF14.jpgIGF23.jpgIGF24.jpgIGF25.jpgIGF26.jpgIGF27.jpgIGF29.jpgIGF31.jpgIGF32.jpg