Studies and Domestic Development in the Area of Computer Games” conference

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By Katarina Cvetkovic 2213 days ago

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Belgrade Metropolitan University, The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Serbia as well as the Association of electronic communication and information society held a conference titled ”Studies and Domestic Development in the Area of Computer Games” on Wednesday, 29th of June 2016 which began at 11.00 at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Serbia.


Within the conference ”Studies and Domestic Development in the Area of Computer Games” the Tempus project Incoming and the study programme Computer Games, along with examples of good practice and experiences of students, were presented.


Professor Dragan Domazet opened the conference by presenting Belgrade Metropolitan University and signifying the importance of projects such as the Tempus project Incoming which provide opportunities for cooperation with partners from abroad in order to develop new curricula and improve the working methods with the objective to raise the level of quality of education, as well as presenting a proposal of a concept which can impact the industry of knowledge, interdisciplinarity ias a modern approach to education and flexible concept of development of dual education of higher education.


Professor Radoslav Stjic presented the study programme Computer Games along with the advantages of this study programme for students since it provides theoretical, applicable and practical knowledge which are integrated in the curriculum of this study programme of the Faculty of Information Technologies at Belgrade Metropolitan University.


The conference provided an opportunity for professionals who work in leading companies of information technologies and computer games, as well as professors and students of Belgrade Metropolitan University who work in this field, to exchange opinion and experience with the objective to strengthen the international orientation of the higher education in Serbia, with increase in employability and mobility of professors and students.


 Examples of good practice and work experience were presented by te student of Belgrade Metropolitan University, Marko Tanic, who studies at the Faculty of Information Technologies, study programme Computer Games, who is employed at the Mad Head Games company which deals with the development of computer games. 

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