Project TEMPUS INCOMING on the Entrepreneurship Fair in Cacak

Under the slogan "A chance for a new beginning", on Thursday 29th September 2016 was held in Cacak Entrepreneurship Fair, which is in cooperation with the City of Cacak organized : Serbian Association of Managers, DNA Communications Agency and the American organization USAID.

As exhibitors have participated numerous institutions and organizations presented their programs, ideas and initiatives with concrete projects to launch and support business development. As part of the fair program was implemented several educational workshops and presentations on the topic of legislation, support programs for starting business, a network of entrepreneurial infrastructure, availability of funding and other factors important to start and develop the own business.

The partners from the EU project INCOMING, Faculty of Technical Sciences Čačak, University of Kragujevac and the Business Association "Union Čačak 2000" were attended the fair and disseminated project results.

Presenters from the Faculty of Technical Sciences in the framework of the introduction with the all study programs presented the results moved from the INCOMING project. As a key result of this project are shown two new study programs of information technology on the master studies levels, as modules:

M1. Information technology - engineer

M2. Information Technology - IT in education / professor

Professions: Programmer, Software Architect, Software Project Manager, Professor of IT in primary and secondary schools.

The objectives of these study programs are focused towards the education of highly competent engineers master of information technology. Competence is reflected in possession of the necessary knowledge and intellectual skills in a multidisciplinary context of IMT studies, to work in the IT business (M1) and the education sector (M2)

The Fair was very well attended and the visitors were people interested in starting their own businesses, among which the most numerous were unemployed educated young people, students the Cacak Faculties and students from secondary schools in Cacak and neighboring towns.

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