WP8: Revision


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Lead partner

  • TLU


  • to carry out the overall project management and coordination
  • to administer the project finances
  • to ensure timely and continuous communication with national Tempus offices and EACEA


  • MNGT8.1 - Overall project management and administration
  • type: other products
  • due: Oct 15, 2015 (contiuous)
  • participants: TLU, TUC, UOA, UB, UNIKG, UNS, BMU, IMP, UNION2000, COMTRADE, CCIS

MNGT8.2 - Project coordination meetings

  • type: other products
  • due: once a year (overall project coordination); twice a year (national coordination, partners from Serbia only)
  • participants: TLU, TUC, UOA, UB, UNIKG, UNS, BMU