P01 Tallinn University

P01 Tallinn University

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TLU is the third largest public university in Estonia with 9500 students in 20 institutes and 5 colleges. Centre for Educational Technology (CET), established in 1998, is an interdisciplinary R&D unit within the Institute of Informatics. Scientific and technological qualifications of CET staff intertwine deep knowledge in educational research, open-source software engineering, and experiences of empirical research in authentic educational and work settings in the field of technology-enhanced learning, competency management, interactive media art, interaction design and Semantic Web technologies. The main ongoing research projects in CET are related to development of next-generation distributed learning environments involving interoperable social software tools. CET has been actively managing and participating in TEMPUS projects, FP6 IST projects Calibrate and iCamp, FP7 projects IntelLEO and S-Team, eContentPlus project iCoper and several others.

Role in the project

As the INCOMING project coordinator, TLU takes care of the overall project management, QA, and financing. It communicates intensively with all the consortium members and ensures that all project activities are carried out smoothly. It is responsible for the overall coordination meetings, external QA of project activities, as well as peer reviewing of the new interdisciplinary programmes that the project develops and reports to TEMPUS directly. TLU transfers its experience on policies and practices in Estonia (especially at TLU) relevant for development, accreditation and implementation of interdisciplinary study programmes in computing to Serbian partners. Its representatives travel to RS for working meetings concerning the curriculum development process. TLU has an active role in retraining the teaching staff for new study programmes. During the new programme piloting TLU professors will give some lectures (both online and on-site).

Key persons


Mart Laanpere

Head of the Research Centre for Educational Technology, MSc in Educational & Training Systems Design (University of Twente, the Netherlands). He has participated in a number of R&D projects in the field of educational technology (eg. FP6 IST projects Calibrate and iCamp, FP7 projects IntelLEO and S-team). His main focus in research is conceptual design and analysis of affordances of technology-enhanced learning systems and tools, also implementing ePortfolios for competency management in teachers‘ professional development. He is member of ACM, EA-TEL, ISOC and convener of Open Learning Network at European Educational Research Association. Recently he has been working as a educational policy advisor for the national elearning programme.


Peeter Normak

Director of the Institute of Informatics, professor of computer science, Ph.D. in mathematics from Moscow State University. Former vice rector for R&D, expert in university management and organizational reform in higher education. Head of the PhD curriculum Information Society Technologies, supervising a number of PhD students. He has been the grant holder for several large-scale national research projects.


Katrin Niglas

 Vice-rector for research, professor of data analysis. Katrin Niglas has taken part in various research projects in the fields of education, social sciences and humanities as an expert in mixed method research and data analysis. Her experience in collaboration with local and international academic colleagues is extensive.

 David Lamas

Interaction Design professor at Tallinn University, head of the Interaction Design Lab, head of the international master program on Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments. At Tallinn University he also participates in four national and international research projects. Holds a PhD degree in Computer Sciences from Portsmouth University, United Kingdom, and a MSc degree in Computer Sciences from Universidade do Minho, Portugal. Dr. Lamas is a member of the ACM SIGCHI and the IEEE Computer Society having recently co-founded the Estonian Professional Chapter of the ACM SIGCHI. He also has experience in higher education management having held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Universidade Jean Piaget de Cabo Verde.