P02 Technical University of Crete

P02 Technical University of Crete

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TUC is an engineering university. It consists of seven academic departments and numerous laboratories. TUC participates to this project through its Management Systems Laboratory (ManLab), which is a part of the Department of Production Engineering and Management (DPEM). DPEM offers programmes of study at three levels: undergraduate, postgraduate (spread in three areas of specialization: manufacturing, management and decision sciences) and doctoral studies. Undergraduate and postgraduate programs of study have a strong interdisciplinary flavor with strong links to advanced computing methods and tools. In addition, ManLab itself is active in information systems and computing with major emphasis placed to clinical decision support systems, bioinformatics and knowledge discovery / data mining. Selected undergraduate courses are taught in English. In addition, DPEM has a structured Quality Assurance system and applies explicit QA procedures at all levels.

Role in the project

 TUC is responsible for leading the QPLN workpackage. It ensures external project QA and peer reviewing of the new interdisciplinary programmes. TUC helps develop and implement QA procedures to steer the development of all new study programmes at the partner universities, primarily Information technology for E-Business, and Management and Computing. Also, it contributes to curriculum development, documentation and delivery including eLearning tools and facilities. When hosting the visitors, TUC makes all its computing resources (hardware and software, grid and cloud infrastructure) available to them. It has a  active role in retraining the teaching staff for new study programmes. Retraining is conducted online and on-site at the premises of EU and Serbian partners. During the new programme piloting TUC professors will give some lectures (both online and on-site).

Key persons

Vassilis Moustakis

 Dr. Moustakis is a Professor at the Technical University of Crete and a Principal Research Investigator at the Institute of Computer Science, Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) – Biomedical Informatics Laboratory. He has managed numerous R&D projects and has consulted numerous companies and government agencies in Europe and the USA in his areas of expertise (information systems, management, economic analysis). He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (University of Patras) and a Doctor of Science in Engineering (George Washington University).


Nikolaos Bilalis

 Dr. Nikolaos Bilalis is a Professor at the Technical University of Crete and the Director of the CAD Laboratory. He has participated to and managed numerous R&D projects and has worked as a consultant at numerous companies and government agencies in Europe in his areas of expertise (Innovation, Design, Computing in Manufacturing and Training). He holds a Diploma in Mechanical Electrical Engineering (National Technical University of Greece), M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering Design (Aston University of Birmingham, UK) and a Ph.D. in Production Engineering (Loughborough University, UK).


Aristomenis Antoniadis

 Dr. Antoniadis received a diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1984 and the Ph.D. degree from the same University in 1989. His current position is Assoc. Professor at the Department of Production Eng. and Management. His research interests are in Computing in Manufacturing, CAD/CAM/CAE, Reverse Engineering and Bioengineering. He is the author of 7 books and numerous journal and conference papers. He has managed or participated in numerous R&D national and European projects.