P04 University of Belgrade

P04 University of Belgrade

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UB is the largest state university in Serbia. Its main activities in the fields of higher education and scientific research are activities of public interest. It is recognized as the leading institution of higher education in the region by adapting to the challenges of modern times on one hand, and preserving what’s worth in its tradition on the other. This is precisely what makes it recognized as a true national brand. As the leading university in Serbia, UB recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary study programmes related to computing for today's HE and through this project wants to initiate their proliferation in the concerned partner universities. Moreover, it wants to develop and accredit interdisciplinary study programmes in computing to be taught both in Serbian and in English.

Role in the project


UB leads the workpackages DE2 and DEV4, related to development and implementation of new interdisciplinary study programmes. UB develops 3 new programmes, both in Serbian and in English. UB prepares teaching methodology, teaching materials and the set of accreditation documents for its new study programmes. It  engages all its capacities to smoothly deliver the study programmes. An internal quality assessment (the student evaluation) will be performed and together with external evaluation results will be used for improving the programmes.

In addition, UB maintains intensive communication with the public HE bodies in all matters related to legislation, administration, and accreditation of the new study interdisciplinary programmes to be developed at Serbian universities. Also, it has active role in the activities concerning internal QA and monitoring of all project results, dissemination and sustainability.

Key persons

Vladan Devedzic

 Vladan Devedzic is a Professor of Computer Science with the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, University of Belgrade. So far, Vladan Devedzic has participated to two TEMPUS JEP projects related to curriculum management (JEP-41016-2006, M.Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning, and JEP-16067-2002, Teaching Business Information Systems) and one related to structural measures (SM-511126-2010, Enhancing the Quality of Distance Learning at Western Balkan Higher Education Institutions). In addition, he currently participates to the FP7 project Intelligent Learning Extended Organizations (project no. 231590) related to technology enhanced learning (TEL) and was an associate member of the FP6 ProLearn project.


Ivan Obradovic

 Dr. Ivan Obradovic is a Professor at the University of Belgrade and one of the founders and the current Director of the University Information Center. Professor Obradovic has published four books and more than 100 scientific papers mainly related to applications of artificial intelligence methods and tools, and development of language resources and tools for Serbian. He is one of the key persons of the CESAR project accepted under the 4th ICT-PSP call, and was also one of the key contributors to the development of Serbian Wordnet within the Balkanet project, as well as of the aligned Serbian-English corpus within the INTERA project.


Srdjan Stankovic

 Srdjan Stankovic is a Professor of Automatic Control and Head of the Department for Signals and Systems at the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade. He held visiting positions at the Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands, and at the Santa Clara University, Santa Clara, California, U.S.A. He published numerous scientific papers from diverse fields. He was the leader of numerous scientific projects for government and industry. He was the coordinator of two Tempus projects. He is the President of the Serbian Society for Electronics, Communications, Computers, Control and Nuclear Technology. He is the President of the National Council for Higher Education of the Republic of Serbia.


Dusko Vitas

 Dr. Dusko Vitas is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Mathematics, University of BelgradeHis current professional activities, besides teaching at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels, are now mainly within the University of Belgrade HLT Group, whose founder and leader he has been for many years. He specializes at various aspects of computational linguistics and natural language processing. He is leading the development of Serbian contemporary corpus and morphological e-dictionary, and participates to numerous national and international projects.


Mirjana Devedzic

 Mirjana Devedzic is a Professor of Demography at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade. She also teaches demography at the Faculty of Economics, University of Belgrade. Her teaching and research relate to demography, population studies, and tourism management. Her recent interest is in application of current Web technologies in demographic research and analyses. She has hands-on experience in development and accreditation of programmes of study. She is a member of the international association of demographers called DemoBalk, and participates to several national and international forums, projects and initiatives.


Maja Levi-Jaksic

 Maja Levi-Jaksic is a Professor of Technology and Innovation Management and Development at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences (FOS), University of Belgrade. She teaches at undergraduate and graduate studies at FOS and is also engaged in teaching at graduate studies at Economic Faculty of the University of Belgrade. She has also taught as a guest professor at the Faculty of Management and Information Systems, Cardiff, UK; University of Macedonia, Thessaloki, Greece; Chuo University, Tokio, Japan; Grenoble Graduate School of Business, Grenoble, France. Prof. Levi-Jaksic is international project and programme leader of the academic master program International Business and Management with dual diploma – U. of Belgrade and Middlesex U., UK.