P05 University of Kragujevac

P05 University of Kragujevac

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UNIKG is a modern educational and research center embracing all major areas of teaching and research, presently comprising 12 faculties with 17000 students and 1000 academic staff. The academic and professional studies are organized in 3 levels. So far, UNIKG has coordinated 15 TEMPUS projects and participated to 42 TEMPUS projects. The University is highly oriented towards interdisciplinary study programmes by connecting and integrating several traditional fields of study. The study programmes tend to be focused toward meeting the students' particular educational objectives by combining the offerings of two or more established departments. Currently, UNIKG is building capacity to develop interdisciplinary study programmes in the fields of Mechatronics, Engineering Management, Technics and IT, Military Engineering, and many others. UNIKG participates to several international projects/programmes, such as FP7, EUREKA, COST, TEMPUS, EURECNA and WUS.

Role in the project

 UNIKG leads the workpackages DEV1 and DEV3. It develops one new interdisciplinary study programme. It  performs the tasks of analysis of current policies and related practices in EU and Serbia, as well as the labor market research on interdisciplinary computing competence needs. UNIKG prepares teaching methodology, teaching materials and the set of accreditation documents for its new study programme. It engages all of its capacities to smoothly deliver the study programme. An internal quality assessment (the student evaluation) will be performed and together with external evaluation results will be used for improving its programme. Academic staff will be retrained with help of EU partners.

Also, UNIKG has an active role in the activities related to internal QA and monitoring of all project results, dissemination, and sustainability.

Key persons

Danijela Milosevic

 Danijela Milosevic is an Assistant Professor at the Technical faculty Cacak. Her expertise includes distance learning, intelligent tutoring systems, adaptive user modeling and Semantic Web. She teaches two master courses delivered fully online: eLearning Tools & Technologies and Assessment in eLearning. She was a member of the Commission for Accreditation of one DL master study program and BSc program for IT. She took active role in successfully finished TEMPUS projects JEP-16067-2001 and JEP-41016-2006 and is currently is coordinating the TEMPUS SMGR-511126. project. She is a certified eLearning Course Designer by CARNet eLearning Academy and certified Oracle Academy teacher.


Radojka Krneta

 Radojka Krneta is an Associate Professor at the Technical Faculty Cacak, University of Kragujevac. She graduated at Faculty of Electronics, University of Nis, received her MSc degree at University of Belgrade and PhD degree at University of Kragujevac. She is the Head of Computer Engineering Department and the Head of multimedia laboratory E-Lab. Her teaching and research area is Computer Engineering. She has extensive experience in elearning: she was the grant coordinator of the Tempus project M. Sc. Curriculum in E-Learning. She has written a number of papers one-learning. She teaches the postgraduate course Infrastructure of e-learning as part of the online study program Master in E-Learning. She is a certified eLearning Course Designer by CARNet eLearning Academy.


Zivadin Micic

 Zivadin Micic is a Professor at the Technical faculty Cacak, University of Kragujevac. His expertise includes IT, software development, services for Elearning, quality systems ISO 9000 and modeling in education – EQFM in Serbia. He has developed five Moodle courses delivered online: 1) Information technology, 2) IT in education, 3) Information systems, 4) Operating systems, and 5) Development of Web applications. He was a member of the Committee for Accreditation of three study programmes related to IT during the last 6-7 years. He took an active role in the successfully completed TEMPUS project 145677 Internal Quality Assurance at Serbian Universities – SIQAS.


Goran Devedzic

 Goran Devedzic is a Professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kragujevac, Serbia. His teaching and research interests focus on advanced product and process development, decision making, industrial and medical application of soft computing techniques, and bioengineering. He has authored/co-authored more than 100 research papers, published in international and national journals or presented at international and national conferences, as well as three books on CAD/CAM technology and 3D product modeling and one on bioengineering of human spine. His academic activities involve participation to two Tempus projects, two WUS-Austria projects, and seven research project (project coordinator in two of them, team leader in one).