P07 Belgrade Metropolitan University

BMU contributes to the educational, cultural, economic and social improvement of Serbia by providing advanced bachelor and graduate studies in the areas of information technology, art and management, as well as continuous professional education. With its four departments/faculties (Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Digital Arts, Faculty of Sport and Tourism), Metropolitan University provides students with an introduction to the up-to-date technical concepts and practice in several scientific and art areas: information technology, management of IT systems, operations management, marketing, management in sport, graphic design and interactive media design. Metropolitan University was the first one in Serbia to obtain license from the Ministry of Education to deliver distance learning through the Internet, due to the most up-to-date technologies it uses.

Role in the project

BMU leads the DISS workpackage (Dissemination). BMU will develop one new interdisciplinary study programme. It performs the tasks related to analysis of current policies and related practices in EU and Serbia, as well as the labor market research on interdisciplinary computing competence needs. BMU also prepares the teaching methodology, teaching materials and the set of accreditation documents for its new study programme. It engages all of its capacities to smoothly deliver the study programme. An internal quality assessment (the student evaluation) is performed and together with external evaluation results will be used for improving the programme. The academic staff will be retrained with the help of EU partners. Also, BMU has an active role in the activities related to the internal QA and to monitoring of all project results, dissemination, and sustainability.

Key persons

Dragan Domazet

 Dragan S. Domazet is a Professor, the Rector and the founder of the Belgrade Metropolitan University. He worked seven years in Singapore for Gintic Institute of Manufacturing Technology (now Sinteck) and taught at Nayang Technological University. As a Fulllbright Fellow, he spent a year (1990/91) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaingn (USA) doing research in artificial intelligence and knowledge-based systems. He was the Minister for Science, Technology and Development in Government of Serbia from 2001 till 2004.


Mitar Marinovic

 Mitar Marinovic, an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Digital Arts, BMU, is the coordinator of the MSc programmes at his university. His teaching and research interests are focused on the design of new media, interactive art, video production, special effects and postproduction, as well as Web production.


Radoslav Stojic

 Dr Radoslav Stojić, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Information Technology, BMU, teaches IT courses in computer video games, virtual reality, computer graphics, and artificial intelligence. He was also involved in development of flight simulators software.