P11 Chamber of Commerce

P11 Chamber of Commerce

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CCIS plays an important role in the reform processes in Serbian economy led by the Serbian Government. CCIS is an independent professional business association with over 150 years long tradition of activity in the Republic of Serbia. It aims at encouraging the creation of strong competitive climate and legislature beneficial for profitability and growth of its members, at opening international markets for them, and at improving standards. As a representative of business, CCIS is a partner in all national projects led by the Government and/or ministries, concerning reform and modernization of educational and employment system in Serbia.

Role in the project

The role of CCIS in the project is to provide the following opportunities and activities:

  • traveling to EU partner institutions for collecting the practices and polices on matching the labor market needs to curriculum development
  • creating (with the help of other labor market partners and university partners) the Matrix of competence for six new study programmes programmes in computing based on the labor market needs
  • participation in development of interdisciplinary curricula
  • cooperation in development of laboratories and teaching methods
  • signing of formal agreements with Serbian universities for long-term cooperation
  • opportunities for students from the partner universities to do their student practice
  • conducting of external quality assessment for the implemented programmes
  • spreading of information related to new programmes among its numerous members in order to to increase the employment opportunities of future graduates in interdisciplinary computing
  • supporting dissemination and all relevant project activities

Key person

Irena Dukanac

 Graduated from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law. Since 2007 employed with CCIS as a senior advisor in the Department for Vocational Education (its main task is to provide linking between the educational system and business in Serbia and to promote the implementation of the educational system based on the learning outcomes in line with the economy needs). Representative of CCIS in ongoing TEMPUS projects. Previous professional experience:

  • NGO – CEO (2004-2007)
  • Prime Minister’s Office (2002 – 2004)
  • Office of Federal Minister for Internal Affairs (2000 - 2002)
  • apprentice in law firm (1998-2000)