About the project

About the project

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The wider objective of this project is to strengthen international orientation of HE in Serbia, increase employability and students' and teachers' mobility.

Specific objectives, within the aforementioned wider one, include:

  • to initiate capacity building for interdisciplinary studies in computing offered both in English and in Serbian, at all three levels of study (BSc, MSc, PhD) and in at least one of the following three modes of study: face-to-face mode, distance learning, and blended mode.
  • to increase employability by targeting Serbian labor market needs in interdisciplinary computing field
  • to develop, accredit, implement and evaluate the following interdisciplinary study programmes related to computing to be taught in English and in Serbian:
  1. Management and Computing (BSc)
  2. Intelligent Systems (PhD)
  3. Social Sciences and Computing (MSc)
  4. Information technology for E-Business (MSc)
  5. ICT for Governance and Administration (MSc)
  6. Computer Games (BSc)


The expected outputs and outcomes of the project include:

  • analysis of the state-of-the-art of relevant policies, related practices, legal regulations, and labor market needs related to interdisciplinary study programmes at the Serbian universities and at EU universities
  • development, accreditation, implementation and evaluation of interdisciplinary study programmes specified above to be taught in English and in Serbian as either campus-based, distance learning, and/or blended mode delivery
  • increased mobility of students who complete such an interdisciplinary degree study programme
  • increased employment opportunities for students who complete developed interdisciplinary degree study programme