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  • P07 Belgrade Metropolitan University

    BMU contributes to the educational, c...ologies it uses. Role in the project BMU leads the DISS workpackage (Dissemination). BMU will develop one new interdis...r at the Faculty of Digital Arts, BMU, is the coordinator of the MS...

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  • WP8

    ...: Oct 15, 2015 (contiuous) participants: TLU, TUC, UOA, UB, UNIKG, UNS, BMU, IMP, UNION2000, COMTRADE, from Serbia only) participants: TLU, TUC, UOA, UB, UNIKG, UNS, BMU...

    2941 days ago

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  • Outcomes

    ...nrolled Students payed no scholarship fee in previous years  Belgrade Metropolitan University  DEV4.4 BAS Computer Game Design - BMU Workpackage 5: Quality...

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  • Partners

    ...P05 - University of Kragujevac, Serbia (UNIKG) P06 - University of Novi Sad, Serbia (UNS) P07 - Belgrade Metropolitan University, Serbia (BMU) P08 - Mihailo Pupin Ins...

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