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  • D1.3 Analizi legalnih aspekata

    Izveštaj o analizi legalnih aspekata i postojeće regulative u pogledu akreditacije i implementacije interdisciplinarnih studijskih programa na partnerskim univerzitetima (na nivou univerziteta i fakulteta) 

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  • D1.3 Analysis of legal aspects

    Report on analysis of legal aspects and current regulations with respect to accreditation and implementation of interdisciplinary study programs at PC universities (at university and faculty level) 

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  • P12 National Council of HE responsible for ensuring the development and improvement of the quality of&nbs...taining the project results. It also has a very important role in dissemination& and external quality assessment for the implemented programmes. Key pers...

    1990 days ago

  • P11 Chamber of Commerce

    CCIS plays an important role in the reform proces...ternational markets for them, and at improving standards. As a re...external quality assessment for the implemented programmes spreading...usiness in Serbia and to promote the implementation of the educational...

    1990 days ago

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  • Outcomes

    ...etraining the academic staff Training visit from TLU to UNIKG, Faculty of Technical Sciences Cacak, January 2016, Appendix Workpackage 4: Implementation of New Interdiscip...

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  • Partners

    ...P06 - University of Novi Sad, Serbia (UNS) P07 - Belgrade Metropolitan University, Serbia (BMU) P08 - Mihailo Pupin Institute, Serbia (IMP) P09 - "Union Čačak 2000...

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  • P08 Institute of M.Pupin

    IMP is a leading Serbian R&D institution in information and communication technologies, the largest and the oldest in the whole South Eastern Europe. The R&D profile of IMP represents a synthesis of scientific and expert knowledge in: electronics, automation, process contro...

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