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  • Agenda for Tallinn meeting 17-22 Aug

    ...rrival, informal meeting with Tallinn University staff at the lobby...the Institute of Informatics, Tallinn University (Room M-649, at Victoria cafe13.00 Visit to a private college Mainor ( program on eGovernance, Tallinn University of Technology).1...

    2480 days ago

  • Coordination meeting and training in Čačak

    ....30 Responding to feedback from the 2nd field visit from Tempus office (Nov 2014)...dents in R&D projects: lessons learned in Tallinn University curricula, based on the examples from Tallinn University. The presentatio...

    2685 days ago

  • Coordination meeting and training visit in Tallinn

    ...oject coordination meeting at Tallinn University Location: Mare bu...versity cafeteria (offered by Tallinn University) 14.30 Planning f...versity cafeteria (offered by Tallinn University)
 14:30 Workshop:...8 August: training session in Tallinn University
 Location: Mare b...

    2858 days ago

  • Study visit to Tallinn

    ...rk Inn hotel (5 min walk from Tallinn University) 27 March: a full day in Tallinn University, entrance from;tlin Vanari, QA manager of Tallinn University. 16.45 Marketing...own   28 March: visits to Tallinn University of Techn...

    3351 days ago